Colorado Food Showroom

We’re passionate about our provisions and we love to get out and about in our beautiful, colorful state. Whether we’re up on the hill skiing, out on a hike, or fishing our favorite secret spot we love all things our state beholds. Colorado Food Showroom is our online solution for our customers from near and far looking to enhance their Coloradoness. We’re out there everyday searching for new places to explore and new brands to partner with so we can offer you best of what our state and surrounding area have to offer.

Since 1997 Colorado Food Showroom has been dedicated to promoting and marketing specialty food products. In the spring of 2020 we partnered with Hyperion Wholesale in order to better serve our brands looking for a footprint in brick and mortar locations along the front range. Since then we’ve seen our partnership with our brands and customers blossom into quite a wonderful collision course of deliciousness and friendship. It’s a good sign Colorado is still king of the hill.

Our Team

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Business Magnate/Fashion Icon
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This 'n That

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All Things To All People
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Scarves & Water
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Leanin & Cleanin
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Nick Jones
Birdhouse Hunter
Squash Preference: Chayote (mirliton)

Mike Latimer
Honest Transformational Alchemy
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Michael Bueno
Pit Crew/Blinker
Picking up where you left off

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Emotional Crutch
AKA: Baby Work Bird
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