Colorado Food Showroom

Since 1997

Colorado Food Showroom has been dedicated to promoting and marketing specialty food products primarily produced in Colorado since 1997. In recent years, we have focused on offering a one-stop shop for our growing customer base by adding many new quality vendors from Colorado and the United States.

Colorado Food Showroom has partnered with Denver based Full-Service Distributor Hyperion Wholesale. We can now offer you an extended line of products and brands!

Our Team

Jake Hunter
Business Magnate/Fashion Icon
(303) 736-9049 x801
Score: +/- 26

Jeff Malek
This 'n That

Sandy Frank
All Things To All People
(303) 295-0948
Settings: Nominal

AJ Ibanez
Flowers/Doilies/Frilly Things
(303) 736-9049
Scent: Lavender Saferoom

Kialah Smith
Scarves & Water
(303) 736-9049
Dance Moves: Several

Alex Burket
Leanin & Cleanin
(303) 736-9049
Dreams & Aspirations: Some

Nick Jones
Birdhouse Hunter
Squash Preference: Chayote (mirliton)

Mike Latimer
Honest Transformational Alchemy
Probability & Statistics: Probably

Highlights & Extensions
"Every seventh conductor being connected by a non-reversible tremmie pipe to the differential girdlespring on the "up" end of the grammeters".